Blessed To be A Part

Words specially for WordPress

Sometimes we just fight for a space,

we want our voices to be heard,

our meanings should be understood the way we want,

the actual world fail to provide this space,

but valuable friends like WordPress helps,

in such odd times and provide,

an undisturbed and individual space,

that is why our thoughts seems better to people,

because we are not troubled with interpretations,

it has been a year of union,

the journey is memorable,

thankful to you my valuable friend,

I’ll be in touch.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T #inspirationalthought #kindness


Listen before commenting, that’s how people will lend their ears to you!!!

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I was looking at the news this morning and came across this interesting story. Women are being street harassed by men aka cat calls. It’s a serious issue and really brings respect to the forefront. If these men respected women for who they are and what they stood for, I don’t think they would behave in such a way.


Has this character trait  disappeared from our society?

“We will not agree with everyone, but we should most definitely respect one another. Respect is essential in all forms of communication.”

The world is filled with people and chances are, I don’t agree with most of them. But I respect their opinion and their circumstances. The world we live in is not black and white. There is no right or wrong just various opinions.

I respect everyone, especially those I don’t agree with.

Remember to always show respect and kindness to others, even…

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My wandering soul is still searching,

for the muse who has left.

It has lost all taste of life,

breathing is just by chance.

Who would have thought a messenger’s absence,

can do this all.

Muse has made this soul worth living,

but now it is worst than a dead carcass.

It used to smile in every moment,

but now this business has shut down.

Where to move now,

no living thing is left inside.

It is hard to live a soul-less life,

muse please return-on my merciful call.

Your presence was like divine,

I might stop being an atheist with your coming.

When I said this,

that living without you will be easy.

Traces of courage still emerge,

whenever your name is announced.

Alas! this is just a murmuring call,

hope it reaches your door.

Why it is that I am still afraid,

haven’t heard any reversing sound.

Echoes of your inspirational quotes,

still makes an unearthly roar.

Hope I leave the sensuous aid,

to understand your secret speech.

Which is far beyond intellect,

but it is enough to encourage my soul.

There I look upon the darkest path,

hinges of light appear without fall.

They still cajole me to wait and watch,

as if some miracle will strike for me.

Whose shadow is this now visible,

O, yes this is my muse, calling my soul to rejoice once again.


Men will be jerks- The ugly truth of men-women friendship-revealed!!!

Men will be jerks- The ugly truth of men-women friendship-revealed!!!

Don’t have a proper word for these jerks but ya they become friend for a reason. If a woman help them, by sharing something from her possession because she thinks they can’t afford. They take it as a favor, not as a help. When she without a reason spend some extra time with them because their bus will come late, they think she is not just the usual friend. When she share some views on some issues, they still think they have an important place in her life. When she pays their bill, they think she is thinking of them as a valuable confidante. When she takes their side, they think the girl can do anything for them. When she fight with them quite often, they think it is a love fight. 

I sternly, want these men to know one thing that friendship is a pious relationship and if you can’t abide by the rules of this relation, then they should not start it. More importantly that girl might have shared this bond with many others and they could have understood this relation better than them. They might be failing to be in harmony with her thinking. She might be a liberal person and never believed that these signs can be taken by her male friends in this stereotyped fashion. She might have respected their friendship but this pollution imposed forcefully can ruin this respect.

Friendship should not be taken this way, at least I criticize it. My suggestions to these womanizers is only this they should mend their ways. They must understand that she has her own life and her friendship should not be confused with love, it indicated traces of anti-feminism and that girl might feel so disturbed that she never want any man to become her friends. She can have a love relation or anything of this sort out of friendship and you must respect that. She is single, it does not mean she is available for such interactions. Friendship with unnecessary illusions is bad and it burdens the relationship with pathetic turmoil. I condemn this polluted notion of friendship and whoever practice it is a criminal of friendship and should be made aware of his mistake. 


This relation is constituted of laughs and cries but yes there is a thin line between friendship and love and people must not cross this line. Otherwise, they will face a stern reaction from their female friends. Men must grow up and should understand that women have their choices and they must be made free to chose their partners and this unnecessary traffic should not be created. So, jerks start analyzing your ways and don’t mess with a woman or her air, otherwise, be ready to hear the harsh words from women.


Modern Teaching- A Curse


Teaching-Is this what it is called?

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A teacher today does not look for passion in a student for studies but looks for passion in him/ her. It is my observation that this honest and meaningful relationship has changed into something baseless. The two things that dominate teaching is beauticism (which can be called a sister term of racism because people who are beautiful either by face or make up stands a chance in front of the teacher) and flattery ( which has ruled in this field from the rise of corruption in this world). However, today it is said that who does not follow the trend loses the chance to win the daily battle of living but ask this question at least once from your self- are we really happy by all this? I do not think we are, it is a bitter medicine for immediate pain relief but it will leave the scars as it…

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O my paradise, O,
drowned with you in sorrow and
still I haven’t recovered
but the passer-by, they say,
everything is fine and everything is ok.
Never knew a misery was waiting for us all,
it is the time of nothingness,
the floating bodies and people alive,
all are numb and still,
do you know why?
They are looking up there,
this time no Messiah has arrived,
some uniformed people are watching,
the toil and the loss,
they are send to speculate
who are alive and who are dead,
their side of story is different than ours’
They are with remedies for sure,
but they are told, not to go far,
the farthest they go, the more they will cost,
they also have a Messiah somewhere else,
who has ordered not to go too far.

After some time of trouble,
we all have settled in a boat,
they are heading nowhere,
and same is our condition,
but scarcely all of us have talked.
We are told by centuries,
not to talk but to speculate,
who we are, as if,
we are Calibans or soon to be Calibans,
not from Tempest this time,
but from Heart of Darkness.
The voyage took us to safer place,
but the nativity has drowned somewhere,
it does not look like what it used to be,
the Paradise Lost is this now,
no Milton is needed to verify.
Their eyes meet with our eyes,
but not the heart,
I wanted it to meet,
then you would have realized,
what pain can do.
They could have cried with us then
and held us tight in their arms,
but no, they are told not to go that far,
their Messiah will be angry,
now I have realized they can’t do a thing.
They are themselves caged,
in these uniforms for a reason,
they aren’t free to be what they want to,
they are bound by orders,
they are just doing work,
the way the native African used to do
in Heart of Darkness.
It is not their fault that they are like such,
neither we can blame them for anything,
the Messiahs are the criminals,
who are behind the curtains,
and laughing like that ugly Fox,
who always appeared as Volpone,
for ages they have laughed and will laugh forever.
We will rise against those Messiahs for sure,
but these uniformed people,
they are victims like us,
we might recover but they will die like anything,
for no solid reason, our hatred for them,
is not justified because the Messiahs,
they are still at their back and torturing us,
their motives are clear now,
we have fought these uniformed people a lot,
the criminals are still behind,
this time it’s their turn !!!!


“But what is the good of friendship if one cannot say exactly what one means? Anybody can say charming things and try to please and to flatter, but a true friend always says unpleasant things, and does not mind giving pain. Indeed, if he is a really true friend he prefers it, for he knows that then he is doing good.” – Oscar Wilde


People in the name of friendship don’t like truth, for them lies spoken in the influence of flattery means a lot!!!!!

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“But what is the good of friendship if one cannot say exactly what one means? Anybody can say charming things and try to please and to flatter, but a true friend always says unpleasant things, and does not mind giving pain. Indeed, if he is a really true friend he prefers it, for he knows that then he is doing good.” – Oscar Wilde

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