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Oscar Grant’s Mother: ‘We Have to Be Relentless in the Vindication of Our Slain Sons’


Is this the cost of being a man of color?, oh I am one, Will you kill me as well???

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To the Brown Family:

I give you my heartfelt condolences for your immeasurable loss as you bury and bid farewell to your son.

No words can ever assuage the pain we feel as parents when our precious children are taken away from us in such a violent, senseless manner. For 18 years, your son Michael has helped define the meaning and quality of your life, providing moments of joy and laughter, which are truly priceless. Those never having the opportunity to meet Michael could never appreciate his value the way you do.

Your son, like mine, was unarmed at the time he was killed by a law enforcement officer. My son, Oscar Grant, was being restrained by an officer and lying face down on a platform at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland, Calif., when a second officer named Johannes Mehserle approached and shot him in the back. At trial…

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They are dwelling something,
on that white sheets,
black spots with multicolored ink,
the heavy dots are of pain,
and the lighter ones
are of happiness.
They are building houses in the air,
the nest of those unknown birds,
who will never come back,
to join us in this earthly sanctuary,
they are far above,
warming under the fluffy blankets.
They are moving ahead,
to reach out to those seas,
who will read their message,
and they will pass it on,
with every coming wave,
to this wrecked soil,
to this world of trash.
They will strike at the midnight hour,
with howls and thunders,
to work as soothsayers,
to make us aware,
of the unpleasant and of the unthinkable,
the world like a plane will crash,
They know about the future,
they come from everywhere to tell,
it is the darkest secret,
one must keep in mind,
one must never forget,
the world is about to end.
They ask us to pray, to ask for mercy,
for the sins we all have committed,
for the pains we have generated,
the apocalypse is near,
we need to do something,
we need to confess, we need to confess.
Another light they have dropped,
it is purifying us all,
we are baptized now,
no need to fear,
come let us bow down to the spirits,
they have saved us,
we are truly blessed.
One promise we all need to keep,
the world needs our love, not hatred,
we need to spread it,
we need to pour fragrance upon everything,
this is the message, they still scribbling,
we need to look up there to guess !!!!!



Nice Adaptation !!!!

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It’s YA lucky day! It’s Teen Thursday!

Where we bring you YA news from around the globe and highlights from the
BookPeople Teen Press Corps!

Texas Teen Book Festival News!

It was a big announcement week for the #TTBF14 – the full schedule and author roster was released! We are so excited to see that it’s going to be another great festival! Led by keynote speakers James Dashner (The Maze Runner) and Lauren Oliver (Panic), the panels, and ever-popular author-vs-author game show are going to combine for an awesome day!

“This year’s festival is THE one to attend,” says librarian and Fest founder Heather Schubert. “You’ll find amazing keynotes, interactive events, writing workshops, a hilarious game show, and much, much more. Expect to leave with a list of new favorite authors and a stack of books you can’t wait to read!”

We totally agree!


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Teen Thursday



Whenever you were absent in my life,
I understood your worth,
I got to know what those moments mean,
I realized what you mean,
The world of chaos is still around,
But I want to enjoy that loneliness,
It means a lot to me,
It captures me, cages me inside you,
That’s what I want,
I want to feel you around,
Whenever you were absent in my life,
I wished to jail myself,
With your thoughts and stares,
With your smiles and flairs,
I really miss you a lot,
I know you have turned into a far-fetching star,
I know you know me,
I have felt those traces always,
But I am not daring enough,
To make it happen, to see it all,
Whenever you were absent in my life,
I admired your smile,
I looked around places of your comfort,
I searched them all over,
I have asked from trees,
They have assured me of your coming,
But they are liars,
They know the truth,
The way I do,
I did it all for you,
Whenever you were absent in my life,
Join me in my pain,
I feel it in every vein,
The scars are turning bizarrely stunning,
They are your memories,
I never want them to be healed,
The heart is still aching,
With the painful joy and the joyful pain,
Attacks of this kind are always welcome,
I always asked them to pass through me,
Whenever you were absent in my life !!!


My Motherland

My Motherland

What have you become, my motherland,

a wrecked and torn piece of wood,

there are ants making their way into your bosom,

they are taking away, the treasure you have stored,

they are thieves who have stolen your legs on purpose,

now you should know you can’t walk even an inch.

I remember the time when I heard of your empire,
wast and magnificent it was called,

I remember those slogans that assured reverence to you,

I remember those times when I waved your flag in the busiest streets,

I remember the memories we all had of “Jann Gann Mann” and what it meant for us then.download

The times are gone now, I have seen every subject of yours’ turning into a dictator,

they rush to fight now and not to make peace,

they are burning the houses and not holding a pitcher in hand,

they want to see women bare and children in despair,

they have no time for revolution, they have nothing good to share,

what to speak of the commanders, who follow devil’s order and not yours’.

they are not for the people , of the people and by the people,

but they don’t give a damn to people,

all they care for the evil dreams they have.

I also have a vulnerable dream,

which uncle Derozio shared once,

want to see in my lifetime, this wood to walk again,

to prosper as if it is a newly bloomed flower,

which has no rotten condition to speak of,

which is full of joy and happiness,

hope I will once again with proud feeling,

wave your flag in reverence,

May I see thy secular and spectacular state,
once again !!!!



When a pebble which is struck

somewhere on a rock 

is freed by a stream

it flows in immense pleasure

it gets what it has imagined

but it must realize with the due course

that stream can’t hold it for long

it will be captured by a hard rock some day

and it will crave to meet with the stream once again

it will crave for the companion

for the touch of the drops

which will make its chest wet

and will keep it in its bosom for long

it will love the pebble, the way nobody can

they will part for sure

yes, pebble is alone now

searching on the hovering surface

for another stream to love it

once again !!!