Hope the situation will be better in future and those who are at the margins will have a say in the world, they are no sub humans, they are also humans like us and they also need freedom !!!


Not 48 hours after the United Nations Security Council voted to authorized the dispatch of more peacekeeping troops to the Central African Republic, the urgency of the need emerged on the road in front of Joanne Mariner, senior crisis adviser for Amnesty International traveling the hinterlands where massacres have been taking place. About 400 men were moving down Route 3 near a village called Bawi. They had painted their faces black and donned supposed magical charms known as gris-gris—”clearly dressed for battle,” Mariner says. The men identified themselves as members of the Christian “anti-balaka” militias who have been rampaging in the area. Bawi was home to several hundred Muslims—their target.

“They said, ‘Oh, we ran out of ammunition, and so we’re going back to get supplies,’” Mariner says, of the militiamen. Once inside the village, the Westerners were told of killings and injuries, she says by telephone Thursday…

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Can Peacekeepers Save the Central African Republic?