The True Cost Of War

That’s what going on in Israel !!



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“Never has there been a good war or a bad peace” – Benjamin Franklin

I frequently drive past this National Cemetery every week on my way to somewhere.   It is almost one mile long by at least as deep of perfectly spaced white marble grave markers and beautifully manicured green lawn.

It is a very hard place to not be conscious of while driving past. Today seemed a little different and I was compelled to go in.  It seemed fitting to pay my respects to these young men and women to whom I have never met, but yet had felt a deep sadness that all of them had lost their lives at too young an age.

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Annual report of Punjabi Sahit Sabha Rampura Phul-1973

Random Thought-Chaman Lal Prabhakar

In 1972, we formed Punjabi Sahit Sabha(Punjabi Literary Association) in my home town Rampura Phul in Bathinda district of Punjab. This is its first annual report which was published in ‘Sardal’ edited by Gursharn Singh playwright from Amritsar in its September 1973 special issue focused on this association. Some creative writings from Sabha’s members were also published in this special issue, which included Atttarjeet, Buta Ram, Ranbir Dhir and mine too!, shall be posting some of the poems and short stories from this issue in next posting.

Punjabi Sahit Sabha Rampura Phul report-1973 Punjabi Sahit Sabha Rampura Phul report-1973

Rampura Phul literary report-Sep.73-Sardal  (2)Rampura Phul literary report-Sep.73-Sardal  (3)

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I am

I am…
It is not that I am not noticeable,
It is not that I can’t be traced,
But those who want to forget me,
Will never search for me
They will never bother to look back
I am that spot which has faded
And will fade with the increasing dark
I am still there and lonely
But I am what they have left behind
I am in their memories for sure
But not in their heart
I am in the sand, in the air and on the clouds;
They still won’t see me
They are too busy to notice something else
It is not that I am not noticeable
It is not that I can’t be traced.

– By Neha Sharma