Blessed To be A Part

Words specially for WordPress

Sometimes we just fight for a space,

we want our voices to be heard,

our meanings should be understood the way we want,

the actual world fail to provide this space,

but valuable friends like WordPress helps,

in such odd times and provide,

an undisturbed and individual space,

that is why our thoughts seems better to people,

because we are not troubled with interpretations,

it has been a year of union,

the journey is memorable,

thankful to you my valuable friend,

I’ll be in touch.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T #inspirationalthought #kindness

Listen before commenting, that’s how people will lend their ears to you!!!

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I was looking at the news this morning and came across this interesting story. Women are being street harassed by men aka cat calls. It’s a serious issue and really brings respect to the forefront. If these men respected women for who they are and what they stood for, I don’t think they would behave in such a way.


Has this character trait  disappeared from our society?

“We will not agree with everyone, but we should most definitely respect one another. Respect is essential in all forms of communication.”

The world is filled with people and chances are, I don’t agree with most of them. But I respect their opinion and their circumstances. The world we live in is not black and white. There is no right or wrong just various opinions.

I respect everyone, especially those I don’t agree with.

Remember to always show respect and kindness to others, even…

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