Why Lisa Kudrow Doesn’t Like to Dress Sexy

Do you want to judge an actress by her acting or by her dresses, she is damn right when she admits, “…People get mad at women for not trying to be sexy and cute. It’s terrible.” Grow up people, appearances are deceptive even today, the phrase has not changed.


When it comes to Lisa Kudrow’s fashion choices, the star is totally unapologetic (similar to her character Valerie Cherish on The Comeback). In a new interview with the The Edit, the actress opens up about owning her androgynous look, her place in Hollywood and keeping in touch with her Friends co-stars.

Here are some highlights:

She has a tailored, menswear-inspired wardrobe
“When I have to ‘appear’ somewhere, I’m more comfortable wearing pants or a suit,” she tells the online magazine. “If I’m dressing for an event, I like blazers by Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney.” When she’s off the carpet, the actress says her go-to labels are Rag & Bone and Ann Demeulemeester.

Layering is her best friend
“I’m thrilled that it’s back in fashion.”

She doesn’t do sexy, and that’s OK
“It’s an age thing, but that’s great,” the 51-year-old actress, who recently played a senator on…

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